About US


BioSure (UK) develop, manufacture, source and distribute rapid tests with the highest levels of accuracy, many rivalling those of standard laboratory tests. Our rapid diagnostic and detection tests are invaluable tools where immediate results are the primary consideration. The tests that we supply are used worldwide for the management of human infectious disease and the detection of drugs of abuse. BioSure (UK) specialise in the provision of rapid Point of Care (POC) and self testing solutions. We passionately believe that this technology through integration into healthcare settings and for use as self tests can revolutionise testing protocols, reduce late diagnoses, provide cost effective testing solutions for general population and engage hard to reach key populations. Ultimately budgets can be spread further through far lower delivery costs and immediate diagnosis.

Cost effective, straightforward, fast and accurate – it is our aim to bring this technology to the mainstream.

BioSure rapid tests are:

  • Sensitive and specific
  • Usable and easy to perform
  • Rapid, reliable and robust
  • Equipment free
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